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What can I do with a degree in public health?

With one click you’ll get countless answers in the new “I AM PUBLIC HEALTH” web app. Each search is customizable in areas of public health, employment setting, and geographic location. Scroll to lock in your preferences or free spin to explore the profiles. 

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To run a specific search, please click on the provided keywords in the specialty, employment, or location search options. If you choose to lock one of the options, then the web application will search for profiles matching the keyword listed in the red box. To see a career profile chosen at random then do not lock any options. Simply click the handlebar to start your search and find your future in the public health field. We are adding new profiles to I AM PUBLIC HEALTH every day, so check back regularly for new results.
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I AM PUBLIC HEALTH provides information on career options available to those with advanced public health degrees; the profiles included in this search are the results of an ongoing survey of graduates of CEPH-accredited Schools of Public Health. Please note that the job descriptions and credentials appearing in the search results do not represent requirements for the position described. Each job profile illustrates an actual public health professional’s personal background, and is meant for informational purposes only. Images may not be representative of the actual individual whose job description is featured.
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This application was developed by the Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health with support from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
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